Emergency service providers, case managers, clinicians and individuals may call the main Bournewood Health Systems Referral/Admissions line at 800-468-4358 to make a referral to Bournewood's Partial Hospital Programs. Intake specialists are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call.  Admissions are scheduled for the beginning of each program day.

You may also use the referral forms on this page and Efax to 857-277-5923


Main Campus at Brookline

Bournewood takes a personalized approach in its treatment and services for individuals with mental health and/or substance use conditions. This partial hospital program is for those who need intensive treatment but not in a 24/7 inpatient setting. The Dual Diagnosis Partial Hospital Program operates Monday through Friday and can serve as a step-down or stand-alone service option.


Like all of Bournewood's adult Partial Hospital Programs, this service is covered by most major insurance providers, including Medicare, Medicaid and the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership.

For Admission, Referrals & Information

call 617-676-3440

or eFax 857-277-5923


Bournewood's Mental Health Partial Hospital Program is a group program providing a step-down or diversionary service for adults in mental health crisis who need more intensive treatment than can be provided in an outpatient setting, but who can appropriately receive treatment and services in the community.  We employ evidence-based approaches to provide treatment to patients in crisis.


The Mental Health Partial Hospital Program is particularly appropriate for adults with mood or anxiety disorders, as well individuals with other major mental illness who can appropriately participate in a group setting.  Medication and case management services are available in this program.


We offer a variety of group modalities. Our compassionate clinicians meet the person where they are in the course of their conditions as we work as a team to help individuals reach their goals of recovery.

For Admission, Referrals & Information

call 617-676-3585

or eFax 857-233-0166


For Admission, Referrals & Information

call 781-932-0649

or eFax 857-263-2838

The Adult Dual Diagnosis Partial Hospital Program at our Woburn campus provides voluntary, intensive brief treatment for adults with mental health and substance use conditions. This program is for individuals who need a structured environment focused on recovery and abstinence, management of behavioral health symptoms and the development of health coping skills and strategies. Mindfulness skills are taught to participants to support and enhance recovery.

The program runs Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. The treatment team is comprised of a board certified psychiatrist, licensed social workers, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, licensed mental health counselors and rehabilitation specialists.

Participants have the opportunity to access group therapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication evaluations, case management, expressive therapy, after care planning and individual counseling with clinicians or doctor. The multidisciplinary team coordinates patient care with community providers, family and state agencies.

Main Campus at Brookline

Bournewood's Adolescent Partial Hospital program provides a voluntary intensive and brief treatment option for youth ages 12 to 18 who have acute psychiatric and/or substance use conditions and difficulty in school.


We take a team approach, involving family members, outpatient providers and others who will work with our experts to develop an individualized treatment plan for each adolescent in the program. Stabilizing psychiatric symptom presentation and working with family systems issues is a hallmark of this program, all to develop successful strategies for school re-entry. During the school year, a certified licensed teacher is part of the team and provides continuity to youth whose studies are interrupted by the need for hospital level of care. 


For Admission, Referrals & Information

call 1-800-468-4358 or


or eFax 857-277-5252

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