Trauma: Why It Matters in Behavioral Healthcare


It’s not a stretch to say that in public behavioral health, more than 90 percent of clients have experienced trauma. Trauma is especially prevalent among children who have witnessed violence in school, in their community and among family members. The infographic we created here shows how common trauma is among adults, children and adolescents with mental health and substance use conditions.


If that isn’t enough, the direct correlation between trauma and physical conditions such diabetes, cardiac disease and cancer is staggering. 


At Bournewood Health Systems, we are committed to providing our clients an approach to care and treatment that is recovery oriented, trauma informed and collaborative.  We treat people with dignity, respect and mutuality; protect their rights; provide the best care possible; support them in returning to their natural communities; and include patients and families as partners in their treatment. It’s a philosophy we have codified in our organization but more importantly, sensitivity to trauma among the individuals who come to us for treatment is deeply imprinted in our staff – not only clinical staff, but all employees who are part of the Bournewood team. We all stand for providing a safe and therapeutic environment for patients, families and staff in which restraint and seclusion are prevented through many strategies and tools and always with the person’s trauma history in mind.


We are fervent in our belief in our trauma-informed philosophy. It shows in our services and programs that truly provide healing, therapeutic, safe and collaborative care and treatment for the adults, adolescents and families who turn to us for their behavioral health needs.


Please feel free to download and use this infographic in your workplace, among your peers and with families and friends to help them understand trauma and how it can be overcome. It begins with understanding what it is. Then the path to healing and recovery is paved with less of a leap of faith and hope and more of evidence of what works.

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