Deconstructing Mental Illness Through Science and Art

March 7, 2017

An exhibit, developed in collaboration with the Museum of Science in Boston, highlighting the strength of those who deal with mental illnesses, showing their grit and value, and explaining mental health in scientific terms will be showing May 27, Memorial Day weekend, through September 2017. 


The artworks illustrate and explain that mental health is a matter of degree, not all or none.  Blurring lines and labels about those who living with mental illness and those who love them, through paintings, sculpture, video and photographs of 99 individuals. The 99 Faces Project is an expanding art and science project.


The conceptual artist and former board President of NAMI Mass Lynda Cutrell teamed up with Dr. Bruce Cohen, MD, PhD, neuroscientist and former President of McLean Hospital; and science journalist Rae Simpson, PhD, to show that “you can’t tell who has a mental illness” simply by looking. In fact, it would be rare if any person did not have any trace of what are called mental illnesses. The interest in mental health is at an all-time high today, yet it is something that not many people truly understand.


Cutrell, Cohen and Simpson are proud to be working with the Museum of Science, Boston on this exhibit, combining science and art to produce a very informative and powerful view into this complex topic.


With the help of several talented photographers and a group of fabulous individuals from our Boston Community, 99 Faces could raise awareness for mental health and illnesses in a new and different way. It’s not us and them, it’s all of us. 


One sculptural piece in the exhibit says it all, “The Spectrum, we are all on it somewhere.”


To learn more about artist Lynda Michaud Cutrell and her Harrison Ave. Studios, visit

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