Our services are designed to meet the needs of adults and adolescents with the most clinically appropriate, least restrictive and safest levels of care. At Bournewood, persons come first as we support them on their road to recovery.

Our Message to all Patients and Families

Bournewood Health Systems is committed to an approach that treats people with dignity and respect, protects their rights, provides the best care possible, supports them in their recovery and collaborates with individuals and families in their treatment. The cornerstone of our treatment philosophy is providing a safe, therapeutic and healing environment for patients, families and staff. As part of this approach, we are committed to preventing the kind of conflict that leads to acts of aggression in our facilities and programs.


Bournewood and its highly trained and dedicated clinical staff look to you as partners in our efforts to prevent aggression and helping individuals in our care maintain control, develop more coping skills, and focus on their recovery at our hospital. We are committed to conflict resolution and we champion zero tolerance for violence. The research and data show that most individuals come to Bournewood for help in the aftermath of traumatic experiences or have a history of trauma in their lives. These experiences affect families as well. We understand that any intervention that relies on coercion has the capacity to recreate the experience of trauma in a person’s life and is harmful to and can negate a person’s recovery. We strive to collaborate with patients and families to reach their individual goals.

We welcome and encourage your suggestions to improve safety and prevent conflict situations that may lead to aggression at Bournewood and improve care and treatment. You can leave us suggestions in writing or send us a message via the contact form on the home page of our website. You can also leave a message for our Human Rights Officer by calling 617-469-0300 ext. 3640.   


Thank you for helping us sustain a safe and healing environment of recovery for patients, families and staff.

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This website is not intended to give clinical or medical advice. If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please go to your nearest hospital Emergency Department or call 911.

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