Our Vision

Bournewood Health Systems believes that individuals with mental health and substance use conditions can recover, at any stage of life, with access to effective treatment and supports, enabling them to live, work, learn and participate fully in their community.

Our Mission

Bournewood Health Systems is dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based and person-centered treatment for people with mental health and substance use conditions in a safe and respectful environment in partnership with the individuals and families we serve, focusing on support, hope, and recovery.

Our Values

We are committed to a safe and professional environment of care guided by best practices which promote collaboration among patients, families, and colleagues. We believe that good mental health is essential to good overall health. We respect the individual’s right to self-determination and encourage full participation in their treatment. We value our dedicated, compassionate, and diverse staff who foster respect and dignity for the individuals we serve. And we strive to continually improve quality of care and treatment through ongoing staff education, training and support of professional growth.


We firmly believe that recovery is possible at any stage of life, with the right treatment and support. Let us help you heal so you can participate fully in your life and begin to thrive.

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