Bournewood, The Meadows Team Up with the Jimmy Fund Telethon

Bournewood Health Systems and our sister organizations Meadows Behavioral Health, are proud to be a sponsor of the 16th Annual Jimmy Fund Telethon, broadcast live from Fenway Park on NESN August 15 and 16. A Boston institution, the Jimmy Fund telethon supports the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and was simulcast on WEEI radio. Bournewood Chief Medical Office Dr. Carmel Heinsohn kicks off our time at the telethon with a live interview from Fenway Park.

This is the first time the Jimmy Fund Telethon has included a behavioral health component. Just hearing the word cancer is enough to elicit powerful, negative emotions like fear, dread and significant anxiety.  Living with the condition is that much more difficult. A person with cancer is vulnerable to developing depression or anxiety — conditions that compound stress and further interfere with daily life. Major depression affects anywhere from 15% to 25% of all cancer patients.

Addiction is another real risk for cancer patients. Painkillers can provide a significant amount of relief for people with cancer pain, and often, they’re considered vital in preserving a person’s quality of life. But painkillers can also be intensely strong, and issues of addiction are a concern in some people with cancer.

For tips on how to cope with cancer, depression, anxiety and substance use issues, click here for the fact sheet.

“We have to remember that cancer is often thought of as a disease of the body; however, it also has a serious impact on the mental health of cancer patients; and the risk of opioid addiction is great,” said Bournewood CEO Marcia Fowler. “We are truly honored to be part of the team to help strike out cancer and bring awareness of good mental health and addiction recovery to our communities.”

Coping Tips for Cancer Patients