Bournewood: Past, Present & Plans for the Future

Celebrating 130 Years of Providing Outstanding Psychiatric Patient Care

Bournewood's Past

Bournewood has a long history of excellence, which began 130 years ago when Henry Rust Stedman, MD, founded Bournewood Hospital to create a nurturing environment where people suffering from mental illness could rest and receive the treatment they needed to recover and resume their lives.

The original facility, which consisted of 16 beds, was formed on the Minot Estates in Forest Hills, Boston, in 1884. In 1895, the Hospital moved to its current twelve-acre 300 South Street location in Brookline, where it remains today.

Dr. Stedman, who was known for being in the forefront of the mental health movement, took pride in tailoring the Hospital's treatment regimen to best meet the individual needs of patients. This long-standing tradition of combining the caring and comforts of home with the latest treatment methodologies is perhaps the element for which Bournewood has become best known.

Bournewood's interesting history was featured in a book called Boston: City on a Hill that was published by The American Historical Press in the fall of 2007.

Bournewood Today

This tradition of providing state-of-the-art care within a nurturing environment continues today. Licensed for 90 beds, Bournewood takes pride in maintaining the Hospital's personal feel while incorporating the latest advances in medical care.

At the present time, Bournewood has about 300 staff members, including psychiatrists, social workers, discharge planners, nurses, rehabilitation therapists and other specialists. Such a wide range of expertise enables the Hospital to continue to tailor its services to best meet each individual's needs.

Bournewood admits more than 3,800 inpatients per year and treats more than 1,000 more individuals in its partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs. People may enter the Bournewood continuum of care at any point in their illness and transfer to different levels of treatment as their needs and conditions change. Bournewood's services include inpatient programs, including psychiatric treatment and chemical dependency/dual diagnosis services, and ambulatory programs, including partial hospital services and intensive outpatient programs for adults and adolescents.

Bournewood's Vision for the Future

While Bournewood Hospital is proud of its past, it is also constantly looking to the future. This is why it applied for, and received, approval from the Town of Brookline Zoning Board of Appeals to build a separate freestanding 30-bed unit to house some of its existing beds. The new unit was completed in the fall of 2013.

Bournewood Hospital is also looking to create more satellite locations in the future to make its services even more accessible to people in the Greater Boston area. Such changes are part of Bournewood's ongoing commitment to blend the best of the old with the promise of the new to continuously maintain the outstanding level of care that people have come to expect over the years.